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Our mission.

We are all living and working in a world that requires everyone to keep on learning every day. We deeply believe that everyone should have access to the best resources to educate themselves to be successful and happy.

What we do

We at Masterplan want you to rediscover the joy of learning. To reach your goals and untapped potential to help shape the future of your company.

How we do it

We revolutionize workplace education through online learning. To reach that goal, our team strives for excellence and understanding. We feel responsible for what we do and therefore disagree openly to create the best experience for our customers.

Our Masterplan DNA.


We rely on self-responsible work - and sometimes jump into the cold water. Because you have to test good ideas first.


We all stand behind our mission and love what we do. For us it is clear: Only those who are enthusiastic themselves can inspire others.


We don't just want to have fun working, we also want to be the best. That's why we do everything ourselves: From the platform to the video lessons.

"No Bullshit"

Empty phrases and political games don't bring anyone anything - let's just not stand on it either. We say what we think.

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