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Here, we’re creating the vision of the future, deeply understanding our customers to solve their needs with innovative technology.

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Why Sales at Masterplan?

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Hungry to learn

We are curious - that’s at the core of our sales DNA. Every new customer interaction is an opportunity for us to gain more product feedback, each rehearsal provides an opportunity to grow your presentation skills and every rejection offers insights on how to win the next time.

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We are sitting in the front row to define and drive business success. Motivated to inspire new customers, build long-lasting relationships, and always looking for new opportunities.

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Lead Research, Sales Development, Account Executives, and Customer Success – they all have different tasks, but no one can win alone! Working in cross-functional teams is key to customer and team satisfaction.

Passion and a good portion of striving to win are key characteristics of Sales entrepreneurs at Masterplan. We keep to our sales processes that enable us to repeat our success patterns every day but are always looking for ways to improve, fasten, or rethink how we can do business tomorrow.

Skills we're looking for
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If you want to grow with us, you have come to the right place. Our high-performance teams are always looking for people who enhance our skills and bring an interesting point of view to the table.

Profiles we’re looking for

We are always looking for talents to either expand our knowledge and skills or to grow and develop in existing competencies.

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