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Digital change has many facets – and many faces. In our Masterplan courses, the most renowned industry experts from Germany and Silicon Valley share their insider knowledge. Understandable and inspiring.

Masterplan makes learning possible at any time and in any place and thus integrates seamlessly into the working and everyday reality of each individual.

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  • Frank Thelen
    Frank Thelen
  • Florian Heinemann
    Florian Heinemann
  • Sibyll Brüggemann
    Sibyll Brüggemann
  • Mike Mahlkow
    Mike Mahlkow
  • Thomas Bachem
    Thomas Bachem
  • Prof. Dr. Sascha Friesike
    Prof. Dr. Sascha Friesike
  • Rolf Schrömgens
    Rolf Schrömgens
  • Aya Jaff
    Aya Jaff
  • Max Wittrock
    Max Wittrock
  • Pascal Finette
    Pascal Finette
  • Daniel Verst
    Daniel Verst
  • Stephan Grabmeier
    Stephan Grabmeier
  • Susanne Dickel
    Susanne Dickel

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We can talk about our courses for a long time - or just show you how we teach knowledge in cinema-quality. Start your first lesson right here and see for yourself!

Pascal Finette
Singularity Universität
Video concept

Learning in cinema quality

Every user has her own personal learning pace and every topic needs the appropriate preparation: content, didactics, and visualization go hand in hand to lay the foundation for optimal learning success.

We shoot our course videos with our professional Masterplan film crew at our own studio or at exciting locations. In this way, we not only guarantee the highest quality but also flexible further development of our formats.

Most popular course

Digital Literacy on Masterplan

We are convinced that the digital transformation of a company can only succeed if every employee can – and wants to – contribute to it. Our structured Digital Literary course starts with the personal “Why?” and turns the right mindset into the driving success factor.

Based on this fundamental understanding, our experts impart all relevant basic competences of digitization and directly applicable technical know-how – across all areas and independent of previous knowledge.

Digital transformation basics course

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a young startup from the heart of the Ruhr area and have the goal to digitize Germany. You can find more information about us on our team page.

You can register as a single user for a free Masterplan test account. However, full access to the platform, including all learning videos and materials, is only possible with a company license. If you would like to present your company’s Masterplan, you will find the most important information (including our company teaser) here.

We believe that the right mindset is the basis for understanding the extent of digitization. That’s why our basic course starts with “Why” and builds on it with specific skills:
Digital Skills
Security and Law.

Our basic course offers 15 hours of cinema-quality video material – presented in consecutive lessons of approx. 3-8 minutes.

Upon successful completion of the course, all participants will receive a personalized certificate attesting to their basic knowledge of the most important digitization topics.

No, the Masterplan Basic Course is expressly aimed at all employees in the company, regardless of their previous knowledge. But also advanced users and experts can profit from exciting insights – thanks to the exclusive insider tips of our experts.

Yes, but not yet in the basic course. It is designed in such a way that the contents build on each other and are didactically coherent in themselves, in order to provide all viewers with a comprehensive basic knowledge of the various digital topics. Following the basic course, there are special channels for different specialist areas and topics in which knowledge and skills are deepened.

The basic Masterplan course is clearly structured and builds on each other thematically and didactically. The content is coordinated in such a way that viewers are introduced step by step to the complex subject area of digitisation and can deepen and test their knowledge lesson by lesson.

The courses were developed in cooperation with prominent experts of the digital tech scene and are presented by them in cinema quality and in a target group-oriented way. Afterwards, the learnt skills are tested through gamification and the individual progress is recorded. Masterplan thus offers an innovative, clearly structured learning platform that facilitates lifelong learning.

The Masterplan basic course is in German, but will be expanded in the future to include English-language content. If English technical terms are used in the course, they are explained in a comprehensible way by our speakers and defined again in the glossary.

We update our courses regularly. As soon as content is no longer up to date, the corresponding learning videos are recorded again and exchanged. We pride ourselves to always have our finger on the pulse of current developments.

This is the feature we are working on. We will inform our users as soon as this function is available.

The personalized interim results and progress can only be viewed by the employees themselves. License administrators and company administrators have an overview of the collected and anonymized statistics of course participants in their dashboard, but cannot assign them to individual users.

Users do not need to download anything to use Masterplan. The basic course works on all devices without download, directly in the browser.

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