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Your company only masters challenges as well as your employees do.
With Power Skills, they are equipped for the future – no matter what awaits.

44% of employees’ core competencies will change in the next five years.
The Future of Jobs Report 2023
6 out of 10 employees will need upskilling or reskilling by 2027 to keep pace with job trends and requirements.
World Economic Forum
70 % of people do not feel adequately prepared for the future of work.
Workplace Intelligence

7 Power Skills for Successful Transformation

Empower your employees to turn every challenge into an opportunity and grow your company.

Collaboration &
Thinking &
Deciding Clearly

7 Power Skills for
Successful Transformation

Skills that everyone will need in the future:

Empower your employees to turn every challenge into an opportunity and grow your company.

Emotional Intelligence

Regardless of what you want to achieve in life, it all starts with knowing yourself. Mastering emotional intelligence is key to thriving in both personal and professional relationships.


With perfect communication skills, employees appear confident, communicate more clearly and always find the right words – both online and offline.

Digital Literacy

Employees who are digitally fit work productively with data, are confident in dealing with new technologies and protect systems and information in the cyber world.


Unlock the creative potential in every team. Creative employees look for new ways, find unconventional solutions and thus open up unexpected fields of innovation for companies.

Thinking and Deciding Clearly

Those who can think and decide clearly keep a cool head in a complex working environment and know which facts are reliable.

Collaboration and Leadership

Sharing ideas, coaching others and adapting are skills we all need for successful collaboration and competent leadership.

Global Citizenship

In the 21st century, a global awareness is needed in order to meet challenges competently. These include social issues, sustainability and trends in the world of work.

Acting Flexibly & Future-Proofing – With Power Skills



Your Upskilling:
With a Clear Plan.

No matter what comes next – for every transformation process you require a universal set of skills: the Power Skills!

With these competencies, you'll foster a learning mentality and empower all employees to acquire the hard skills they need to grow on their own.



Your Teams:
Prepared for Everything.

Communicate efficiently, collaborate successfully, think creatively and make clear decisions – in all teams and departments!

Power Skills make your employees capable of acting in any situation and your company adaptable to any change.



Your Future:
Set for Success.

If all employees have Power Skills, your company can look into the future with confidence and plan for growth.

As a team, you can make change happen the way you want it to and develop innovations that set you apart. Whatever awaits – with Power Skills you’re ready!

Develop Power Skills Effectively – here's how!

Motivation, orientation, inclusivity, flexibility, growth are all important in the development of your employees. We help you to make them fit for the future and ensure the company's success.

Relevant Skill Sets
for Every Working Environment

Self-directed learning is extremely important for the motivation of adult learners. Individualized orientation is key for them to develop! They get this with Masterplan:

Identify skills and potential with the interactive Self-Evaluation
Visualize and track individual power skill levels in the Growth Map
Receive personal course recommendations based on learning behavior

Interactive Content
for Long-Term Learning Success

High involvement and more motivation to learn through cinema-quality video courses and gamification elements: The Masterplan content library combines helpful content with motivating learning formats.

Masterplan Originals and curated content from industry experts
Practical relevance courses in compact microlearning units
Quizzes verify new knowledge and learning points increasing motivation

Upskilling across All Teams
for Maximum Capability to Act

In a world that is constantly changing, continuous training is necessary. With Power Skills, employees have the right mindset and the skills to shape change – regardless of role, job and experience.

Develop Power Skills and improve relevant hard skills independently
For all teams: learn on the go and even without a company email
Integratable into any daily routine: access content on any device


Why these 7 Power Skills?
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What Power Skills do your employees need?

How to Develop Power Skills with Masterplan!

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