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23rd September 2022

Masterplan Tutorials: Creating Study Groups

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Masterplan Tutorials: Creating Study Groups

Do your teams let their learning slide? Do you, yourself, struggle to find the motivation to study? Study groups are the solution to these problems! On Masterplan, you can create a group for you and your team members and set challenges for one another. Each month, you compete against each other to complete the most courses and lessons, and to earn the most points!

How to Create a Study Group?

After logging in, you will find the tab "Study Group" in the navigation toolbar. Here you can create a study group, if you are not already a member of an existing group. Click on the button "Create study group" to get started right away.

Step 1: Invite Members

You have the possibility to invite any four colleagues by entering their e-mail addresses.

Step 2: Name the Study Group

Afterwards you can give your study group a name. The invited participants will again be displayed under the title. With one last click, your study group is created and the invitations to your team colleagues are sent.

Managing Study Groups

Next to the title of your study group all members’ names and statuses are displayed, i.e. whether they have accepted the invitation. With the button "Manage study group" you have the possibility to:

  • resend invitations

  • withdraw invitations

  • remove team members

  • leave the study group yourself

The Dashboard

Below the members you can see a bar chart that shows the learning progress and the score of all group members. Above the chart you have the option to choose whether you want to see the total score or the score of the monthly challenge. The monthly learning goal is 300 points, the small symbol next to the points shows you how many days are left to reach the goal.

On the far right, you can also view the rankings of all your colleagues and see how you perform compared to them. You can filter by either the monthly score or the total score.

The Process For Invitees

If you have been invited to a study group, you will first receive an email in your inbox. It informs you about the new study group and gives you two buttons to either accept or decline the invitation. If you accept the invitation, you will be taken directly to the Masterplan homepage by clicking on it.

To get to your new group, select the tab "Study group" in the navigation. Once again, you will see that you have an invitation that you can accept or decline.

If you accept it, the learning group will be activated for you immediately and you also have the possibility to keep track of your and your colleagues' points via the dashboard.

How Can I Leave a Study Group?

Even if you are not an admin of a study group, you can decide yourself if, and when you want to leave. Next to the title of the study group you will find an overview of all participants and, as described above, the button "Manage study group". Next to your name you can easily and quickly leave the group by clicking on the symbol with the three dots.

In our video tutorial, our colleague Laura guides you through the study group tool step by step.

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