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Here, we’re creating the vision of the future, deeply understanding our customers to solve their needs with innovative technology.

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Why Content at Masterplan?

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Empower people

The content we create enables thousands of people to get better at their job. The courses we design with industry professionals and field experts are meant to home personal skills and drive career growth on all hierarchy levels. We want to be the corporate learning partner that fosters change in organisations.

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Be creative

Who said that mandatory courses need to be boring? We want our users to rediscover the joy of learning and therefore we encourage you to keep learning yourself. Only those who constantly learn, are good teachers themselves. We constantly discover new ways of learning and facilitate those for our users.

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Innovate Education

We do not strive to digitize classroom teaching methods, we aim to revolutionize workplace education - from curricula to learning experience and real world application. Masterplan content and product are two matching pairs and serve as a step stone for initiatives in our customers’ organizations.

We want to create the best learning experience for our users and strive to go the extra mile on their development. It’s little things like our close interaction with our learners on specific course topics, or big projects, which involve larger video shootings. The basis for our education is a strong didactical framework, relevant content, and direct applicability of the learnings for the learner to develop universal business and cognitive skills.

Skills we're looking for&
why we need you

If you want to grow with us, take great responsibility, lead projects, iterate and pivot if necessary, then our team is the right spot for you. You’re an expert in any of the mentioned fields? You’re an innovator with an ambition to make a change in Corporate Learning and Development? We’re more than happy to hear from you.

Profiles we’re looking for

We’re a team of innovators and entrepreneurs in the fields of:

Didactics: designing and developing learner-centered training programs and innovating in the field of learning standards
Content Partnerships: managing partnerships with leading content providers to integrate to build lasting relationship
Project Management: managing learning or learning related projects from project initiation to project closure
Editorial: building and maintaining standards in language and education
CertifiedInformation Security
ISO/IEC 27001
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