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Learning & Customer Success!

Here, we’re creating the vision of the future, deeply understanding our customers to solve their needs with innovative technology.

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Why Digital Learning & Customer Success at Masterplan?

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Develop our customers

At Masterplan we enable our customers to reinvent themselves: Guide powerful L&D departments, drive personal growth, as well as strategic up- and cross skilling and accompany our customers developing into a digitally learning organization.

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Work Interdisciplinary

We are the interface between our clients and our Product-, Content- and Marketing-Team. We are both the ear and the mouthpiece to our customers. We take up needs, provide best practices and guide our customers to the most efficient and effective solution.

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High Performance Team

We expect a lot and offer even more. Every day is day one, as an employee and a team. You are the one face to the customer, the expert, the consultant and advocate for our customers. We never stop learning - we live what we offer. What can you bring to the table?

Lifelong learning is our responsibility in order not to be driven by, but to create change. Therefore everyone should have access to the best learning resources. Can you remember how much joy you had as a child in discovering and learning new things? We want to create a learning-friendly and growth flourishing environment in our customers’ organizations, so our learners can rediscover that joy.

Skills we're looking for
& why we need you

If you want to grow with us, you have come to the right place. Our high-performance teams are always looking for people who enhance our skills and bring an interesting point of view, experience and skills to the table.

Profiles we’re looking for

We are always looking for talents to either expand our knowledge and skills or to grow and develop in existing competencies.

Customer Development Manager
Customer Support Specialist
Customer Implementation Manager

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