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How Domino's Digitized Soft Skill Training

Communicating within a team, solving conflicts and giving feedback: In times of remote and hybrid work structures, soft skills are continously becoming evermore important. Since the launch of Masterplan, Domino's has been able to offer employees a wide range of training courses that cover their greatest need – Soft Skills.

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600 minutes
Average digital learning time per user
Of the workforce is actively learning one year after launch
Successfully completed lessons

The Challenge

The internal Domino's Academy had always offered training courses for managers and employees, but these were not tailored to the needs of certain colleagues.

For this reason, soft skills training courses were mostly held in groups with external trainers, either online or in person. The training courses were subsequently no longer available.

Domino's also has an exceptional feedback culture: Feedback is shared between managers and employees in both directions, not only on a day-to-day basis, but also in annual job performance and review meetings. Both parties should be able to prepare for this in the best possible way.

The Solution

Digitize communication training in the area of soft skills so that it can be accessed by everyone at any time and from anywhere.

In order to align communication standards across teams, original learning content is combined with high quality Masterplan courses and assigned to colleagues in their own learning paths.

Online training courses on "Time and Stress Management," "Communication," or "Giving and Accepting Feedback" enable a uniform basis for discussions on performance and collaboration to encourage self-determined learning.

With the help of detailed reports, managers can also track the learning progress of their employees and the deadlines of the learning paths.

The Result

Internal knowledge is combined with the wide range of soft skills and professional
training! Since using Masterplan, Domino's has been able to satisfy its employees' thirst for knowledge. And for HR, the use of the platform is an enormous relief, as mandatory training courses can also be tracked very easily.

What the "Dominoids" have to say about Masterplan:

"Before Masterplan, it was almost impossible to get all the ‘Dominoids’ together for one training session. Now everyone can integrate learning into their own daily routine because Masterplan is customizable, efficient and easy."

Svenja Kiese
Head of Human Ressources, Domino's

"For an exceptional feedback culture at Domino's, we created our own learning paths with internal content and Masterplan courses so that employees and managers can adequetely prepare."

Lisa Metzger
HR Manager, Domino's

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