Come for the mission, stay for the team.

We are helping teams to grow curious. We’re looking for talented people to do so.

<newline>We don't want to constrain people by job descriptions, instead, we are looking for</newline><newline> anyone, that <underline><strong>shares our core values</strong></underline> and is <underline><strong>passionate about education.</strong></underline></newline><newline> Discover our teams and open positions below, but feel free to</newline><newline> apply for a different role, too.</newline>

Our Core <underline>Values</underline>

We <underline>dig deeper</underline>

To create the best learning experience for our users we need to go beyond treating symptoms: we try to understand the roots of a problem with research and deep thinking.

We are <underline>creators</underline>, not politicians

For us idea trumps hierarchy. That's why we want you to be your most honest and critical self. If you disagree with a decision, it is your responsibility to let us know.

We reward <underline>skill</underline>

For us it's all about engagement, integrity, and skill - not hours of work or length of contract. We want you to constantly ask yourself “What would I do if that was my company? How would I decide?” and act accordingly.

Meet the <underline>Team.</underline>

We are explorers, teachers, researchers, creatives, consultants, basically curious human-beings. That said, we embrace our differences: we value different backgrounds, perspectives, and personalities and want you to bring your whole self to work.

Benefits & Perks.


We use the tech you need to work best, including Apple devices & ergonomic desks.

Learning Culture

We want you to be able to grow and thrive - personally and on the job. You want to attend an event, workshop, need training or books? We're always here to support your ambition.

Brand new offices

Our offices are located in the city center, easy to reach – designed to work efficiently and have fun while working!

Food & drinks

We love spending lunch together or enjoy a quick coffee break with some great coffee in our office. We're waiting for you in the kitchen!


We master our skills during workshops and meetings. We also have parties and trips. Or if you like to meet up after work to sit and chat - go for it!


We challenge each other to be our very best and are always there to help out. Our team feels like home!


Education is a global challenge that can only be tackled by the best minds and brightest people around the globe. Excellent team members will surpass themselves if they have an excellent team surrounding them - that’s why we very carefully select the people who join us.

Apply for position
Within one week
Online/Phone Interview
Within two weeks
Fulfill position related task
Within two weeks
On-site Interview & offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also accept interns?

Of course, we are always looking for passionate people with fresh new ideas to join us. Be aware that we treat you just as every other team member and you will carry responsibility from day one. In return, we offer you a place to grow and learn just as reasonable compensation. Just apply speculatively and we’ll take it from there.

Where are your offices located?

We have offices in Berlin, Bochum, and Vienna and are looking to add more in the future.

Can I work 100% remotely?

We believe in a buzzing and creative office culture, so our answer is: it depends. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach but discuss this individually based on your role and personal situation.

The position is available for Berlin. Can I also work at one of the other locations?

We're trying to have people together in an office that need to communicate frequently. But nothing is cast in stone for great talent - just apply and let's talk things through.

I work as a freelancer but the position is available as a full-time position. Can I still apply?

You can, but we will probably favor full-time applicants. Still, we might have a spot for you, so let us know right away in your application that you're working on a freelance basis.

Which application documents do you need? Just the CV or also a cover letter and certificates?

Just upload your CV and answer the questions in our application form. We will get back to you and let you know if we need more information.