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Occupational Safety Training for Employees

With, you just a click away from building your own, in-house workplace health and safety instruction manual in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act

Compliant with Standards

Our mandatory training features meet all regulatory requirements e.g. non-skippable lessons, success-based knowledge check, time stamps.


In just a few clicks, combine our video-based courses on health and safety in the workplace with custom materials from your company.

Save Time and Money

Save time and money on face-to-face training, simply switch your work security training to online.

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Many companies often spend a lot of time and money on mandatory occupational safety training for their employees.

Traditional classroom-oriented training, however, involves great logistical effort - rooms, training material, instruction manuals, invitations, certificates specifying course completion and much more must be prepared. Within this process, the meaning of the lesson's content may fall on deaf ears. The result is that employees daydream through important information instead of actively engaging with the material.


With Masterplan's software and our library of introductory courses, you can offer your occupational safety training digitally and in compliance with standards in no time. Show your colleagues that even dry mandatory topics can be fun and reduce the risk of accidents and other health and safety risks.

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Digitizing mandatory training

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Our Software: How to Build Your Online Occupational Safety Training with Masterplan in just 5 Steps

1. Select Occupational Safety Courses from the Masterplan Library

2. Upload additional material (E.g. PDFs/presentations with material specific to your company)

3. Create customized Knowledge Checks and Quizzes

4. Assign courses, send invitations, and set deadlines for employees via email

5. Measure learning success and document successful training completion for all employees

Our Introductory Work Security Courses

Occupational Safety Training You Love to Watch

An example of our motivating work security content:

Advantages of online data protection training in contrast to traditional classroom training

Classroom training

Online Training with Masterplan

Organizing requires little time


Organization of invitations, training material, rooms, trainers and certificates often takes several working days


Few minutes to create a custom occupational safety training

Low financial costs


approx. 1300€ per participant e.g. for an external basic seminar on Occupational Safety


maximum 249€ per year per employee for all training topics from leadership training to sales, product, and mandatory training

High Flexibility


Place & time are fixed, number of employees is limited


Employees can do data protection training via tablet, smartphone, or desktop as well as when and where they have time for it. There is no limit to the number of participants.

Learning Success guaranteed


Questions can be posed to the seminar leader, knowledge testing is possible. However, a single long learning block is demonstrably less effective than repeated learning in small sense units (spaced repetition, chunking).


Simple and appealing user interface. Lessons are short and crisp at 2-10 minutes. The questions on the lessons must be answered correctly. The lessons can be repeated at any time.

High Employee Engagement


On-site seminars are often attended and sat through rather reluctantly. This is often because they are long, time inflexible, and take the form of frontal classroom delivery.


Masterplan is perceived as an employee benefit. This increases loyalty and identification with the company.

What requirements must online occupational safety training sessions fulfill in order to comply with the standards?

If mandatory training courses are offered online instead of by on-site seminar, special requirements must be met. Masterplan has developed the mandatory training feature for this purpose. If a work security learning path is assigned to an employee as such:

1. Must be assigned a (custom) due date by which the course must be completed. Masterplan sends out timely reminder emails and also notifies the stored contact (the instructor) of the employee's progress.

2. Must prove knowledge level via quiz based on success. What is new is that a course is only considered successfully completed if a certain number of questions have been answered correctly.

3. The participant receives a certificate by e-mail as soon as he or she successfully passes the mandatory course. The instructor can download detailed reporting on all participants for whom she or he is responsible.

4. Each certificate has an individually defined validity period. Masterplan automatically informs the participant when the certificate expires and the next mandatory training is due.

5. Lessons in mandatory training can only be completed in the order specified by the instructor and cannot be skipped.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information should Occupational Safety Training cover?

Certain standardized topics of occupational safety training are relevant to all Employees. Examples of this include following proper procedures in the case of a fire, or adhering to competent hygiene levels to reduce the spread of infectious disease. Occupational safety training must also be given to employees directly related to their job specifications and daily responsibilities. For office workers, this would include the preparation on an ergonomic workstation. Other examples would be knowing how to safely work with machines and electrical equipment, following procedures when handling hazardous or biological substances, and practicing caution when lifting and carrying heavy objects. Effective occupational safety training must always be tailored to a specific work area. Masterplan’s license management saves you time in this regard - with just a few clicks, occupational safety learning paths can be customized and assigned to a specific department.

How often must safety training take place?

The initial instruction must take place before the employee begins their position in order to ensure that they proceed to their daily duties in a healthy and safe manner. In order to remain up to date on important content and procedures, employees should complete occupational safety training at least once a year. Training must additionally be provided, if the daily routine of the employee change. For example, when they are transferred to another job or take up new work activities, or if they experience any accident or injury while completing the duties of their role.

What specific occasions or occurrences instigate the need for training?

Simply put - Employee training and refresher courses are always necessary when the working conditions change. This applies to a new employee completing mandatory training before the start of a position, and to veteran employees who are assigned new tasks or face different working conditions. In the case of injury, a refresher course on occupational safety is also necessary in order to prevent the repetition of similar accidents. The same applies if a work situation is identified that could potentially be dangerous or hazardous to employee safety.

How must online occupational safety training be documented?

The big advantage with online occupational safety training is that documentation can be done electronically. No more collecting signature lists! When training with a master plan, not only do employees:inside receive a certificate, but training managers can download all relevant information as a CSV file after the training is completed. This is legally valid even without an employee signature. The following information is documented: - Full name of the instructed person - E-mail - Start and end date of the instruction - Successful completion

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