The Learning Solution that works

Unleash your team’s potential with the intuitive learning platform that engages like no other.


Combine the best of both worlds: choose & assign content to employees that need guidance or enable them to discover & grow at their own pace.

Masterplan <underline>Creator</underline>

Craft meaningful learning paths and combine company-specific content with Masterplan Originals and interactive elements.

Adjustable <underline>Templates</underline>

From Digital Transformation to Occupational Safety, adapt our pedagogically-tested course templates to create engaging learning experiences for our company.

<underline>Company</underline> Channel

Share your company’s content via a personal channel and make sure your employees can access it whenever they need it.

<underline>Personal</underline> Guidance

Forget about provide & pray when it comes to online learning. Our Digital Learning team consults you on proven communication strategies to make your employees' learning time skyrocket.


Stay true to your brand and individualize the onboarding process and surveys.

Blended <underline>learning formats</underline>

Make use of Masterplan’s proven blended learning formats to accompany our courses and secure transfer to the job, offered as Masterplan® Consulting Service.

“Masterplan has significantly helped us to develop an understanding of digital transformation for our employees.”

Alexander Birken

CEO Otto Group


Masterplan content and platform are designed to inspire action.


For all of your employees, Masterplan is as easy to use as Netflix - and just as entertaining.


Personal content recommendations and an adjustable video player make every minute productive.


Seamlessly integrates into the workday, on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.