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Stefan Schulze

Stefan Schulze is Content Marketing Manager at Masterplan. In the blog, he explains important terms from the L&D and HR world and writes about methods, concepts and developments in corporate learning.

Author's recent posts:

Corporate Learning: How the Whole Company Learns and Benefits

Further training and a fruit basket? Find out why corporate learning is not just a perk, but a must-have!

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Company Learning Culture: How to build it sustainably

Find out why and how a positive learning culture ensures the future viability of companies.

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Strengthen Employee Retention: Important Measures & 3 Practical Tips

Less recruiting, more motivation: Find out why and how employee retention pays off!

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Training Emotional Intelligence: 10 Tips & Exercises for Daily Work

For better communication and more efficient work: Learn how to increase the EI of your employees!

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Leadership Development: Definition, Methods & Practical Tips

Individualized and with specific training: This is how you develop employees into leaders!

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Developing Leadership Skills: 7+1 Competencies for Better Management

Learn what leadership skills are important and how to develop them in yourself and your employees.

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LMS vs. LXP vs. LEP: What Are the Differences and Benefits?

Learning management system, experience platform or engagement platform? That's what differentiates them.

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Skill Gaps in Companies: How to Analyze and Close Them

The skills gap is growing! This is how you identify and fill the skill gaps of your employees.

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Upskilling: The (Future) Solution for Companies & Employees

What upksilling is, what it does and why you should start today rather than tomorrow.

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