Masterplan PACE: Effective Upskilling with Personalized AI Coaching

Manfred Rump

Masterplan PACE: Personalized AI Coaching Experience
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"Learning by doing" – this time-tested learning concept is persuasive in many situations but often falls short in corporate training. Until now that is! With Masterplan PACE, your employees can now immediately apply their theoretical knowledge into practice. But what exactly is effective learning transfer through personalized AI coaching – discover in this article exactly how it works.

In an era where technologies and work requirements are constantly evolving, continuous training is essential. However, for maximum learning success, it's crucial that employees can actionably apply the training content in their daily work.

How can it be ensured that the learned knowledge is not only absorbed but also effectively translated into action, turning knowledge into genuine skills?

Learning Transfer: The Key to Effective Upskilling

Training should not only convey theoretical content but also enable employees to apply this knowledge in practice. Successful upskilling hinges on learning transfer.

This is evident from Will Thalheimer's Learning Transfer Evaluation Model and is confirmed by scientific studies: For employees to actively apply their knowledge at work after training, the transfer design of training sessions plays a crucial role.

However, many companies struggle at this point. According to the German Institute for Adult Education, learning transfer only occurs in 34% of all training activities.

Conversely, this means that nearly two-thirds of employees do not learn to apply the taught knowledge in practice. A positive change in behaviour in the daily work routine often fails to materialize after training, yet this is precisely the purpose of every training session!

So, how can this learning transfer be achieved within the company, enabling employees to make the leap from mere "Know-what" to applicable "Know-how"?

Personalized AI Coaching with Masterplan PACE

This is where our new feature, Masterplan PACE, comes into play. PACE is our personalized AI coaching for effective learning transfer.

All employees can now immediately apply their acquired knowledge from video lessons directly in practice on our Learning Engagement Platform, in three simple steps:

  1. After selected video lessons, a chat starts relevant to the course content. PACE takes on a specific persona and poses a task from the real work environment. Some examples include a price negotiation with a potential client or a conflict situation with an employee.

  2. An authentic conversation unfolds. PACE probes the learner further, as it wants to know more details, or evaluate the responses constructively. Learners must utilize the newly acquired knowledge from the previous course and can directly apply it in practice.

  3. Employees can ask questions at any time and receive immediate assistance until everything is understood, and the task is resolved. Masterplan PACE thus adapts to all learning levels and coaches employees according to their individual learning needs.

Through personalized AI coaching, a learning environment is created that is tailored to each employee, fostering not only learning but also direct implementation in the daily work routine. 

Two scenarios can be distinguished:

Roles of Masterplan PACE: Reflecting Together & Practical Application
AI Coaching with Masterplan PACE

3 Practical Examples: Learning with Masterplan PACE

The following examples briefly illustrate what learning with Masterplan PACE looks like for employees in your company. They also highlight the range of applications that make the AI coach relevant for all colleagues in the company – from sales staff to data analysts to leaders.

1. Applying Knowledge Concretely

Each exercise starts with an intro, clarifying the context, the goal, and the coach's role. In this example, PACE takes on the role of Maria, a potential customer. PACE begins a sales conversation with learning sales staff, where they must apply the content from the course "UNFCK SALES – Sales Psychology" directly.

2. Reflecting on Learned Content

Following a lesson from the Masterplan course "From Numbers to Aha Moments – Making Sense of Data", PACE, in the guise of Rita, confronts employees with the course content, challenging them with critical questions to apply their newly acquired data literacy to concrete examples. Learners can freely respond, allowing for a realistic conversation to develop.

3. Receiving Immediate Assistance

Masterplan PACE is always ready to support learners, as shown in this example: In the persona of Mark, the AI coach explains the learning content of the previous lesson from the Masterplan course "Emotional Intelligence – Social Awareness" upon the learner's request. This way, employees can tackle tasks according to their individual skill levels and at their own pace.

5 Benefits of PACE

For your employees and HR professionals in your company, Masterplan PACE offers a wide range of benefits. These include:

1. Learning by Doing: Effective Learning Transfer with AI

With Masterplan PACE, you enhance training effectiveness and scale the learning transfer of your employees. Byfollowing knowledge transfer from video lessons, employees apply what they've learned to practical challenges.

This approach ensures that the learning content is not only understood but also actively applicable, which in turn enables employees to continously improve their skills and ultimately achieve better work results.

2. Interactive Learning Experiences for High Motivation

Masterplan PACE creates motivating learning experiences for your employees. The interactive simulations and role-playing exercises immediately demonstrate the relevance of the learning content to everyday work.

The safe environment of the test scenarios also encourages experimentation, application, and inquiry, thus motivating the transfer of knowledge to personal work situations, for making better decisions and developing new strategies.

3. Personalized Coaching for Individual Learning Success

Masterplan PACE is a coach for all skill levels. Whether a beginner or expert, PACE adapts to the individual learning style and skill level of each employee. Everyone receives the support they need, fully realizing the potential of all your employees.

4. 24/7 Available for All Areas 

Masterplan PACE can be used in a wide range of training areas, making it relevant and accessible to employees in all departments. Moreover, it's available anytime, anywhere; all learners have access to their personal AI coach at any time, on any device. This allows learning to be seamlessly integrated into daily life, regardless of time and place.

5. Continued Education without Additional L&D Administrative Effort

Masterplan PACE operates completely autonomously, so there's no additional administrative effort for your company. The AI coach automatically appears after selected lessons and interacts independently with the employees, without the need for HR and L&D managers to take additional action.

Conclusion: From Mere Knowledge to Real Skills, with Masterplan PACE

With Masterplan PACE, you transform training into personalized coaching and pioneer a new era of professional development in your company. Through interactive and motivating AI training sessions, your employees learn according to their individual skill levels and personal learning behavior.

In this way, knowledge is transformed into real skills. Masterplan PACE ensures effective  application of your training sessions, guarantees continuous development of your employees and ensures that training has a lasting positive impact on business success – all without additional administrative effort!


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Manfred Rump is Senior Content Marketing Manager at Masterplan. In the blog, he shares insights from his conversations with learning experts and highlights current learning trends in companies.

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