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The learning platform has announced the launch of its new Android and iOS app. Users can now use it to learn in audio mode, can download and complete courses offline, and view their individual mandatory courses.

For Masterplan, the launch of the new app marks another step toward software-as-a-service. In recent months, the company has already launched a number of enhanced features that allow users to assign individual learning paths and complete mandatory training courses on topics such as workplace safety and data protection.

"As before, users can browse our exclusive library of constantly updated learning content on a mobile device. For example, we recently published a course by Arianna Huffington - Productivity through Wellbeing. What's new is that we've also integrated all the other additional software features launched in the past six months in  our mobile software. This means that we are now taking big steps towards realizing our mission on mobile devices to be the easiest, most comprehensive learning software for businesses."
Stefan Peukert, Founder of

Offline Mode

Users of the Masterplan mobile app can now download every single lesson to their smartphone. In the app's dashboard, there is an additional menu item "Downloads" where all saved courses are displayed collectively. By downloading your courses when wifi is available, users can reduce their mobile data usage. Even learning on a plane or isolated in the countryside is now easy with offline mode.

Audio Mode

While traveling by train, while jogging or on your lunch break: You can now continue to learn with Masterplan without a screen. To do this, each lesson can be switched to audio mode by clicking on the antenna icon at the top right of the window.

Complete Individual Learning Paths On The Go

In the app's dashboard, there is another additional menu item "Learning Paths". This shows all lessons and courses that have been individually assigned to colleagues by the manager. This includes a separate subsection for mandatory training. This way, content that is particularly important to companies is also available on your smartphone.


Masterplan Team

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