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Laura Graichen

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Managers can create mandatory learning paths on Masterplan in just a few clicks. Our intuitive and interactive platform is easy for both managers creating learning paths and learners completing them. Just a few clicks and you are already on the path to better learning!

For Managers

How Do I Build a Mandatory Learning Path?

The procedure is the same as for "normal" learning paths, with the only important difference being that managers select the "Mandatory training" option in the first step of the learning path tool.


What Should I Pay Attention to When Building Mandatory Learning Paths?

In our tool, managers can specify an overarching time period or specific deadline, by which the mandatory training must be completed. Specifying the validity period is also possible as well as if lessons have to be finished chronologically or if learners receive a certificate afterwards.

Once the mandatory learning path is successfully completed, the validity period begins.

What Kind of Courses Are Available For Mandatory Training?

Courses on data protection, occupational health and safety, and compliance are available to managers on the Masterplan library. You can also choose between some courses on IT security, which may be of interest to some companies as mandatory training.

Where Can I Find Mandatory Learning Paths?

Managers can see all learning paths in an overview via the "Learning Paths" tab. You have the possibility to filter them by selecting "All types" and "Mandatory". If you select "Mandatory" here, only learning paths that are marked as mandatory training will be displayed.

What Happens After Creating a Learning Path?

After managers have marked their learning path as mandatory and assigned it to learners, an invitation e-mail to the learning path will automatically be sent to learners.

For Learners

I Have Been Assigned a Mandatory Learning Path – How Do I Start?

Learners are informed by e-mail about a newly assigned learning path. They can see if it is mandatory by the title and a small label at the beginning of the e-mail.

In addition, they receive information about the title of the learning path, any available description, and information about the completion date and validity period – if specified. By clicking the “Start now” button, they are immediately redirected to the training on the platform where they can start working on it.

By the way: If managers change the content of the training, learners will be informed by another e-mail.


I Accidentally Deleted The Mail – Where Can I Find My Mandatory Learning Path?

After logging in, learners see their learning paths in the upper third of the Masterplan homepage. Alternatively, they can select the "Learning Paths" tab in the navigation toolbar and get to an overview. They can filter the results on the right side by status (active, completed, all) or by type (mandatory, all).

When Will I Receive a Certificate?

Managers have to activate their learning paths for a certificate. Once activated, learners receive and can download a certificate after successfully completing a learning path. An overview of all certificates received can be found under the "Certificates" tab on the Masterplan homepage.

How Do I Know How Much Time is Left to Complete the Training?

The learning path tab offers information on each learning path that helps with the processing. In addition to the title, completion time, description and images of the courses used, there is also information about how many learners already have completed the training and how much time remains to complete it. Three days before the mandatory training must be completed, learners receive a reminder by e-mail.

In our video tutorial, our colleague Laura explains how managers create mandatory learning paths and how learners complete them afterwards.


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Laura Graichen

Laura Graichen is Product Marketing Manager at Masterplan. She is responsible for the market positioning of our platform and occasionally gets in front of the camera for our tutorials and Masterplan Shorts.

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