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23rd June 2022

Top 10 E-learning Courses On Digitization 2022

Masterplan TeamMasterplan Team
Top 10 E-learning Courses On Digitization 2022 has published a ranking of the most popular e-learning courses on the occasion of the nationwide Digitaltag 2022. The top 10 list shows that new training courses on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Deep Fakes were particularly popular among employees in German companies.

A recent Bitkom survey from May 2022, commissioned by the "Digital for All" initiative (initiator of the nationwide Digitaltag), shows that 48 percent of people surveyed would like to participate more in digital life. Lack of knowledge is the biggest challenge for many: One in three does not use certain digital technologies for this reason. The World Economic Forum's "The Future of Jobs Report 2020" on the future of jobs comes to similar conclusions: By 2025, 50 percent of all employees will need to be retrained as the use of technology increases. 

"Today, digital competence is one of the basic requirements for social participation. Lifelong learning and professional development are important elements in fostering these skills. Companies can use effective e-learning offerings for digitization to boost their own ability to innovate and to develop and retain employees in the long term.” - Stefan Peukert, CEO at 

In first place in our ranking is Gianluca Mauro, founder and CEO of AI Academy, whose courses are popular on in general. His area of expertise is the "Artificial Intelligence" topic complex. He also recognizes the growing need for further training opportunities on digital topics: 

"I’m definitely seeing an increase in demand for education and curiosity for digital topics. The pandemic has forced us to accelerate the adoption of digital tools, and shifted our mindset towards a more open approach to tech. Education empowers people to capitalize on this shift and become more conscious and effective people.”

Top 10 ranking:
RankRatingTopic/SpeakerCourse description
1.8,44 / 10Deep Learning & Computer Vision
Gianluca Mauro, AI Academy
Computer vision is revolutionizing the tech industry. It's made possible by Deep Learning, a powerful form of AI. This course is about what Deep Learning is and how it makes technologies like virtual assistants and facial recognition possible.
2.8,39 / 10How to Check Facts Online: Tricks You Need to Know
John Green, Complexly
The Internet is full of information, but which is true and which is fiction? This course gives tips on fake news, dubious sources and deep fakes.
3.8,35 / 10Successful Transformation in a Fast-Changing World
Eddie Obeng & Jim Hemerling, TED
In a technological world, the rate of change has increased exponentially, while our rate of learning has remained the same. In this lesson, learn how leadership can adapt, learn, and transform in order to solve not only today's problems, but tomorrow's problems.
4.8,16 / 10The Endless Potential of the Circular Economy
World Economic Forum
The circular economy is about more than just sustainability– it's the model of the future. Learn from the experts how this changes the materials, models, and metrics we use, and how to integrate these principles into your (digital) organization– or be left behind.
5.8,12 / 10Explain it powered by You Know
You Know GmbH
You Know is one of the leading producers of explainer videos. This course and provides from Crispr to Blockchain to Smart Grid entertaining knowledge in animated videos.
6.8,04 / 10New Technologies
Christoph Magnussen, Blackboat
We all talk about Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, but what is behind these buzzwords? Why is Virtual Reality relevant for us and what is the IoT? These technologies are exciting - especially when you combine them!
7.7,92 / 10Solving Human Problems with AI
World Economic Forum
How can AI help us be better humans? In this course, you'll hear from four experts about different applications of AI that could help solve some of today's most pressing concerns, from group performance to medical data to improving our own mental health.
8.7,89 / 10New Realities: An Introduction into VR and AR
Christian Arentz, Kognifit
Everyone knows by now that virtual reality and augmented reality no longer appear in science fiction films only. But what distinguishes the two forms of digital perception of reality? And how can they already be used in your company today?
9.7,85 / 10Blockchain 101
Dr. Julian Hosp, i-Unlimited
Almost everyone has heard the word Blockchain at least once. But what exactly is hidden behind the often discussed technology and what possibilities does it offer us in the future? And why could it even be interesting for farmers who grow coffee in Latin America?
10.7,73 / 10Future-Proof Your Skills for the Modern World
David Epstein, Big Think
How can you face automation? The answer lies in constant learning. But which skills set you apart in the modern world? David Epstein will tell you how to rage against the machine and what is required to excel in your industry.

*The data is based on the ratings of over 200,000 users of the learning platform in more than 300 German companies - including the Otto Group, Ottobock, VW and DZ Bank. In total, learners can find more than 300 lessons on topics related to digitization at

The courses on "Digitization" are also available in our "Free Trial". Here you can sign up for a free trial of our platform! 

Which ten soft skills courses were the most popular?

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