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21st June 2022

Masterplan Tutorials: Login For All Teams

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Masterplan Tutorials: Login For All Teams

Many companies have been unable to give all of their teams access to Masterplan. The biggest challenge, besides accounting for work completed in shifts and at different workplaces, was that an official company email address could not be provided to all employees. Our new feature solves this problem.

The IDs for workers without a company email address

From now on, designated managers can register their blue collar workers with an ID on Masterplan, which works like an e-mail address. The IDs are provided by either the company or are created by the managers themselves on a csv. file. They can consist of the first and/or last name of the employee and digits and/or numbers.

The new "Employee" sector on Masterplan

In the new "Employees" area on the Masterplan company page, managers can upload their file in the "Administration Learners" area.

In the table below, they can afterwards check if the invitations have been sent to their teams and, subsequently check if they have registered on Masterplan.

How do the teams log in?

In order to log in to Masterplan, employees need both their company issued personal ID and the link to the company-specific registration page provided by Masterplan.

The link will take them to a registration form. In order to successfully activate their account, employees will need their ID and to add some personal details.

Afterwards, they can log in to their profile with the data they entered, work on assigned learning paths and mandatory training, complete onboarding training, or receive additional training on other topics such as soft skills.

In our video tutorial, our colleague Laura explains once again in detail how easy it is to register blue collar workers with Masterplan and how the teams can then log in.

More information about the so-called Firstline Workers and the exclusive Masterplan content for the online training of these teams, you will find in this article.

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