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How Hein & Oetting reduced training costs by 30%

Safety instructions, data protection, company strategies: with Masterplan, HR managers were able to record a 30% reduction in the workload for legally required mandatory training just six months after the launch in October 2021.
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The Challenge

As in many other companies, mandatory training was a rather unpopular topic: the HR department and managers spent several days a year organizing dates, rooms, training materials, attendance and certificates.

On-site training was difficult to reconcile with a three-shift system and production, as the machines usually "ran" around the clock and could not be shut down.

For the HR managers, in particular, this meant a considerable organizational effort, which Masterplan helped to reduce significantly, allowing them to concentrate on her core tasks.

The Solution

Digitized mandatory training for all employees, accessible from anywhere! For topics such as occupational safety, we produced our own video content and combined it with master plan courses in self-paced learning paths. Colleagues are notified by email about new learning paths or reminded when training is due.

All colleagues can use the learning offering at home or on a public computer in the company. The dashboard allows managers to keep track of learning progress and deadlines.

The Result

The introduction of mandatory online training with has brought many benefits: after just six months, the HR managers were able to reduce their workload by 30 percent because the learning paths created can be used again and again.

In addition to mandatory training, employees also have the opportunity to receive comprehensive training in other areas. At the same time, training no longer interferes with production processes.

What Hein & Oetting has to say about Masterplan:

"Machine running times and the 3-shift system have made it almost impossible to get all employees from production and services together for any training appointments."

Swantje Toaspern
Human Resources Manager
Hein & Oetting

"The mandatory training courses are now much easier to complete. We receive an e-mail reminder that we have to complete them within a certain period of time and can then organize ourselves."

Fia Schäfer
Precision engineer
Hein & Oetting

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