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How Otto Group Uses AI for Successful Transformation

How does an e-commerce giant like Otto Group manage to overcome the challenges that come with digitization and growing competitive pressure? The answer: Through a company-wide transformation that uses AI as a driving force for sustainable and successful change!
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The Challenge

The Otto Group approaches change as a team, regardless of hierarchies or individual roles,  to ensure a company-wide transformation in which all employees can participate.

Nevertheless, transformation comes with its challenges; there is extreme heterogeneity in the roles and skills of the more than 35.000 learners.

Therefore, Otto Group needs a way to provide all employees with relevant AI learning content to continuously train and enable the workforce to use new technologies.

The Solution

Together with Masterplan, Otto Group has developed its own learning path that presents AI in an application-oriented way and makes it tangible for everyone.

Internal experts share their knowledge and explain to all employees what AI is, in which areas of the Otto Group it is already being used, what potential it holds for the future, and how everyone can use it responsibly in their daily work to drive forward transformation.

The Result

Just six weeks after the launch, 22% of users have already started the AI learning path. This is just one of more than 500 learning paths available to all Otto Group employees.

More than 35,000 users are now continuing their self-directed learning and spend an average of 100 minutes per month learning on the platform. This not only enables them to actively shape the transformation but also to contribute to the long-term success of Otto Group.

What the Otto Group has to say about Masterplan:

"The core element of any transformation is continuous learning. Particularly now in the age of AI, when the pace of change is even greater, it is essential to foster precisely this attitude, make people eager to learn, and then offer the right teaching content."

Alexander Birken
CEO, Otto Group

"Our strong learning culture helps us expand the common mindset to understand AI with all its possibilities and learn to apply it in the right framework."

Inge Könneker
Division Manager, Otto Group

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