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Quote from Oliver Kahn: "The most important learning of my life"
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World goalkeeper – "Number 2," "Titan" – Oliver Kahn's career is seasoned with record-breaking successes and bitter defeats in equal measure. His career is also a story of lifelong learning. How do you learn the right lessons from all these experiences and never give up? Find out in our exclusive interview with the "Titan" and Masterplan speaker Oliver Kahn!


If you say Kahn, you also have to say "Titan" – this nickname has been inextricably linked with the former national goalkeeper at least since the 2002 World Cup. At the time, his brilliant saves played a key role in helping the German National Team reach the finals.

Up against Brazil in the final, Kahn became the tragic World Cup hero with two decisive goalkeeping mistakes.

Tragic Hero and Eternal Titan

Legendary victories and agonizing defeats have always been close together for Kahn. On the one hand, there are eight championships, the Champions League won in 2001, six DFB Cup victories and three awards as world goalkeeper.

On the other hand, however, there's the lost Champions League final in 1999, the aforementioned missed World Cup title in 2002 and the 2006 World Cup as "Number 2”.

Kahn became a "Titan" not only because of his great successes, but also because of the way he dealt with setbacks during his career and was always able to motivate himself to move forwards.

He reveals his approach in an interview:

"In sports, I have experienced many setbacks and defeats. But after a certain period of reflection and honest confrontation, there are great opportunities for further development."

And Kahn has always known how to take advantage of these opportunities.

Video-Interview: Oliver Kahn about Lifelong Learning (EN Sub)


"Onward, ever onward!"

Kahn's career is not just a story of exceptional stamina, it is also a testament to constant professional change.

Soccer expert for ZDF, entrepreneur and founder of a foundation, and finally a member of the board of FC Bayern München AG – Kahn has reinvented himself time and time again on and off the soccer field.

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Learning – this activity thus runs like a thread through Kahn's life to this day. His insights and lessons from all his experiences make him a role model for the soccer world and far beyond.

We are delighted that he shares his knowledge and insights as a leader in the Masterplan course "Learning as a Leader" on our platform as well!

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