Transformative Skills: Why Your Company Needs These 7 Competencies

Manfred Rump

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Digitization, skills shortages, Corona and the like – the business world is characterized by rapid technological advances, changing market conditions and unpredictable global events. To master these challenges, your company needs employees with specific skills. In our infographic, we show you the seven transformative skills that matter!

What Skills Will Your Employees Need in The Future?

One thing is certain: no one can predict what future events and technologies will shape tomorrow's business world and how they will do so – let alone how it will affect your company in concrete terms. Not even us!

What we can say with certainty, however: The only constant remains change. Whether it's the Corona crisis, digitalization or climate change, the companies that can best handle change will prevail in the long run!

So if you ask yourself what skills your company or your employees require most urgently right now in order to remain competitive, innovative and effective, the answer is: adaptive skills! 

Specifically, we mean transformative competencies that enable your employees to close skill gaps and respond confidently to unknown events, changing conditions, and new technologies. 

What's more, these skills, which are independent of roles and positions, enable companies everywhere to proactively drive innovation in order to emerge from transformation processes stronger and more successful.


Infographic: 7 Transformative Skills to Overcome Any Challenge

Developing and nurturing these transformative skills is key to successfully meeting the challenges of the business world today and tomorrow. 

Learn what these skills are and how they can help your business in the infographic below (German only):

An excerpt from an infographic on transformative skills. Six challenges for companies can be seen


Conclusion: With Transformative Skills Into a Successful Future

Of course, employees in their individual roles will continue to need subject-specific skills and job-specific competencies, which must be promoted through targeted upskilling.

However, transformative skills are crucial for a successful future. As timelessly relevant and universally applicable core competencies, they form the foundation, so to speak. They make your company quick to act, adaptable and innovative – in short, ready for whatever comes next. 

In order to set the course for the future, your company should not hesitate to promote transformative skills through further training – throughout the entire team, from the top management to every team member!


What are transformative skills?

Transformative skills are essential skills that enable both individuals and organizations to flexibly adapt to change, foster innovation, and effectively respond to the changing business landscape. These skills include not only digital literacy, but also emotional intelligence, collaboration, and other critical skills.

Why are transformative skills important?

In a rapidly changing business environment, transformative skills are critical. They enable companies to respond flexibly to change, develop innovative solutions, use technology effectively, and foster successful collaboration. Without these skills, companies can struggle to remain competitive and achieve long-term success.

How do I promote transformative skills in the company?

Offer targeted training aimed at strengthening transformative skills. These trainings help employees adapt to change, find creative solutions, and work effectively as a team to meet the challenges of the business world.


Manfred Rump

Manfred Rump is Senior Content Marketing Manager at Masterplan. In the blog, he shares insights from his conversations with learning experts and highlights current learning trends in companies.
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