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21st July 2022

The most popular courses on stress and time management

Masterplan TeamMasterplan Team
The most popular courses on stress and time management

Germany is in a permanent state of stress! A survey by the Techniker Krankenkasse shows that  64 percent of people in Germany are stressed. The remedy? Stress and time management! The learning platform guides you through a few simple methods to minimize everyday and work-related stress!

Step-by-step guide for Wellbeing:

  • Stressor Number 1: Work

  • Your helpers: Stress and time management

  • Digital trainings: Effective and flexible

  • Stress and time management courses on Masterplan

Your Number 1 Stressor: Work

One of the most common reasons for stress is work: 71% of German employees state that they experience high levels of stress at work. A persistent, long-term experience of stress can take its toll, impacting physical and mental well-being. This on average results in a 3-6 day absence from work per employee per annum. The quality of work also suffers from psychological stress - let's be honest ,can you really be at the top of your game while overtired?

Your Helpers: Stress And Time Management

Leading business coaches point out that sustainable stress and time management contributes to the increase in well-being within a company. Not only does it keep employees motivated and balanced, but it also promotes collaboration and productivity.

With appropriate stress and time management techniques, you can both actively improve the situation of your current employees, and become more attractive for potential applicants. Studies show that 73% of applicants (16 to 45 years old) consider a good work-life balance to be very important or even extremely important when it comes to the requirements for future employers. By showing that you care about the well-being of your employees, you increase your job marketability.

Stress and time management courses on Masterplan

The Health and Work Initiative has studied the effectiveness of stress and mindfulness training. It concluded that digital training achieves a similar result to face-to-face training. With Masterplan, you get effective anti-stress training and time management courses anywhere. That means that they are available at any time, can be flexibly integrated into the daily work routine, and can be used by your employees - and these are the most popular stress and time management courses on!

We've put together five categories that contribute to a better sense of well-being:

  1. Stress Management

  2. Time Management

  3. Mindfulness

  4. Mindset

  5. Self-care

1. Stress Management

"You can never completely avoid stress, but you can learn how to handle it properly," states stress management expert Ulrich Oldehaver. His pragmatically tittled course "Stress Management," illustrates how you and your team can better control stress. In addition, there is a podcast that presents eleven techniques for more relaxation in everyday life. Nevertheless, when managed properly, stress can be used as a tool to achieve positive outcomes": psychologist and bestselling author Kelly McGonigal explains how your employees can use stress to achieve their goals.

Course/TopicSpeakerCourse Description
Stress ManagementUlrich Oldehaver: the managing director of MindVisory GmbHHas stress become a lifestyle? It is omnipresent and damaging to health. Stress expert Ulrich Oldehaver shows you how to get a grip on it. With stress management and a few simple tricks, you can find peace and relaxation in your professional life.
11 techniques to reduce stress (only available in German)Ergotopia: Experts for Ergonomics Consulting and Digital HealthGibt es überhaupt stressige Situationen oder ist es unsere eigene Wahrnehmung, mit der wir Situationen als stressig bewerten? Lerne, wie du genau das verhinderst, deine Gedanken bewusst wahrnimmst und ins Positive wandelst. Ein Podcast für mehr Balance im Alltag.
Resilient Minds, High PerformersKelly McGonigal: Stanford University psychologist and author of "The Upside of Stress"No matter what kind of work you do, workplace stress is inevitable. We tend to think of stress as detrimental to performance and success, but Kelly McGonigal argues that by harnessing our stress instead of minimizing it, we can achieve even better outcomes.

2. Time Management

We tend to schedule too little time for projects, a phenomenon known as “Planning Fallacy.”  As a result of our procrastination, we experience an increase of pressure and stress as the deadline approaches. However, with proper time management, your team can counteract this phenomenon. Unlike what its name suggests, good time management affects work productivity and influences well-being. These courses help to keep to-do lists clear and your own productivity efficient.

Course/TopicSpeakerCourse Description
Do the Right Thing: Everyday Time ManagementCordula Nussbaum: Time management expert and authorTime management is the art of organizing yourself and your time. Cordula Nussbaum shows what all belongs to time management and how we can use different methods - based on four different types of thinking - to have more time for what is really important.
The 1-Minute Secret to Habit-FormingChristine Carter: Sociologist and productivity expertWe know how resolutions go – we set ourselves ambitious goals and then... motivation drops and we feel bad about giving up. But what if we could change that? Sociologist Christine Carter shares how a slight shift in mindset can keep you on track to reach any goal.
Cut to the Chase: Modern Science on ProductivityCharles Duhigg: Journalist and non-fiction author, Tim Ferriss: Best-selling author and entrepreneurWhen it comes to productivity, there's a lot the current philosophy gets wrong. In this course, Charles Duhigg shows us how to turn our typical to-do lists into manageable, actionable, motivational, and efficient processes to help us achieve our biggest ambitions.

3. Mindfulness

For a long time, "mindfulness" was just a buzzword. In the meantime, scientists have become very interested in mindfulness and confirms its positive effect on overall well-being. This is all the more reason to take a closer look at the topic. In order for your employees to be well prepared for the start of their mindfulness training, there is a podcast that explains the basics of meditation. How to use mindfulness for better work performance is shown by Rasmus Hougaard. And if things still get stressful, the Ergotopia team shows three simple relaxation exercises - easy and quick to implement.

Course/TopicSpeakerCourse Description
Meditation basics (only available in German)7Mind: Europe's most popular mindfulness appThis basic course in meditation offers you an introduction to methods of meditation. You will learn to be aware of your body and breath, relax your thoughts and experience first moments of silence.
Mindfulness at Work for Better PerformanceRasmus Hougaard: Founder of "The Potential Project" and mindfulness expertHow can practicing mindfulness benefit not only yourself, but also your business? Mindfulness expert Rasmus Hougaard teaches us how to regain control of our action-addicted brains, which leads to better decisions, relationships, and outcomes for everyone.
Breathe in, breathe out - 3 simple relaxation exercises (only available in German)Ergotopia: Experts for Ergonomics Consulting and Digital HealthBreathe away the stress! Breathing is something our body does for us quite automatically. However, in stressful situations, our breathing flattens out and becomes shorter. Give something back to your body by minimizing your stress with proper and conscious breathing.

4. Mindset

Many German employees say they think about work in their free time. Psychologist and author Guy Winch can teach them how to put away work distractions and  can get the most out of their free time.n addition to work, personal challenges and failures can also lead to stress. With our course "Shaping setbacks positively," your workforce will learn the right way to deal with setbacks. Mindset is also important for the productivity of each individual, which a study showing that people with a Growth Mindset are far more productive both in the office or while working from home. You can also find a course on this with us.

Course/TopicSpeakerCourse Description
Turn Off Work Thoughts in Your Free TimeGuy Winch: Psychologist and AuthorFeeling burned out? You may be spending too much time ruminating about your job, says psychologist Guy Winch. Learn how to stop worrying about tomorrow's tasks or stewing over office tensions with three simple techniques for helping you relax and recharge after work.
Framing Setbacks to Promote SuccessRapid Learning: Talent Development ExpertsSetbacks are a part of life – but how we deal with them is a huge factor in our future success. In this Quick Take, you'll learn how different explanatory styles can help or hurt our ability to get things done, and how to frame setbacks in a positive way.
Harnessing the Growth MindsetiAm Learning: Experts for digital learningThe Growth Mindset has been developed using rigorous scientific research and can really help you progress in all aspects of life, whether getting that promotion at work, expanding your education, or simply thinking more positively. This course is here to show you how.

5. Self-care

When it comes to stress and time management, you can't forget about yourself: We've got two courses ready to help your employees counteract tension from long office hours. To ensure that healthy behaviors are also implemented in the long term, bestselling author Gretchen Rubin offers tips to quickly make  new habits into routine - all of course, for a better sense of well-being.

Course/TopicSpeakerCourse Description
Fit at work: how to prevent tension (only available in German)Ergotopia: Experts for Ergonomics Consulting and Digital HealthAfter a long week in the office, you can start the evening without any tension? That's possible! A little advice beforehand: Sitting up straight all the time also leads to back pain. In the course, you'll learn how to do it right.
Your back says thank you: How to work healthy (only available in German)Ergotopia: Experts for Ergonomics Consulting and Digital HealthBack pain is the number one widespread disease! Where does it come from and what can you do to relieve yourself and your back in everyday life? Learn how to sit and stand correctly and get tips and tricks for healthy working in the office and home office.
Healthy Habits: Form and Sustain New BehaviorsGretchen Rubin: best-selling authorDid you follow through on your New Year's resolutions, or did you put them off until next year? Forming new habits is difficult, but not impossible. In this course, Gretchen Rubin explains how you can implement new habits quickly and effectively!

With our curated courses and interactive platform, Masterplan can help your company establish better stress and time management in the long run. Want to learn more about the topic of work stress? Here we have an appropriate blog post about it. Easy to implement and helpful tips on how you can master stress are also available on top!

But doesn't just offer courses on stress and time management. If you would like to get to know our library of over 2000 German-language lessons arrange a free web demo with us now!

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