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12th December 2022

Top 10 Best Rated Courses 2022

Masterplan TeamMasterplan Team
Top 10 Best Rated Courses 2022

Which e-learning courses were the most popular in German companies this year? Our Top 10 ranking shows the best-rated online courses in 2022, from providers such as Zeit Akademie, Pink University, Big Think, and numerous other experts. The data is based on the ratings of over 200,000 users at more than 300 German companies - including Otto Group, Ottobock, VW and DZ Bank.

Looking at which topics dominate professional development is often associated with a broader view of societal, technological and economic challenges. The development of one's technical skills is no longer sufficient in surviving the modern professional world.

As a result of numerous social and economic crises in recent years and rapid technological progress, the focus has shifted towards other skills. Personal and social skills, so-called soft skills that can be applied across industries, are becoming increasingly popular. The IFO Institute, Bitkom e.V. and the Bertelsmann Foundation all confirm this trend.   

For example, a recent survey by the IFO Institute reported that digital skills (42 percent) and adequecies in teamwork (24 percent) are best suited to keeping up with change.  In its study “Weiterbildung 2025”, Bitkom describes one of its 10 learning scenarios for 2025 as follows: "In 2025, soft skills are more important than hard skills. The most important soft skills include, for example, the ability to change, working collaboratively, and digitally leading self-directed teams." A study from the Bertelsmann Stiftung shows the impact of the many crises on continuing education over time: Demand for frustration tolerance, for example, rose by 71 percent between 2018 and 2021. A "positive basic attitude" was recently 26 percent more in demand than in 2018. In addition, the ability to motivate others is also gaining importance (+37 percent compared to 2018). 

The trends and developments mentioned above are strongly reflected in our current top 10 most popular e-learning courses for 2022. A total of six of the ten top-rated courses focus on the topics of "Soft Skills" and "Leadership & Management". 

Only two courses made it back into the top 10 compared to 2021: Margaret Heffernan's TED Talk "The Time for Rankings is Numbered" slipped from first to second place. Morten Wolff was able to defend his title and remain in the fifth position with "Sales Psychology".

RankRatingTopic/SpeakerCourse description
1.8,87 / 10Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator
Tim Urban, TED
Even if you wouldn't describe yourself as a procrastinator, Tim Urban is pretty sure that everyone is procrastinating on something. In this hilarious talk, Urban takes you on a journey through YouTube binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes, and bouts of staring out the window…
2.8,74 / 10Forget the Pecking Order at Work
Margaret Heffernan, TED
Organizations too often place the focus of their value on star employees who outperform others. But this isn't what drives the most high-achieving teams. Business leader Margaret Heffernan offers a radical rethink of workplace cohesion, and what this means for leaders.
3.8,72 / 10Appreciation, Sustainability, Success: The Secret of Einhorn (Case study)
Philip Siefer, einhorn products GmbH
Improving the world with condoms - is that possible? If you are "unicornique" and produce "fairstainable", then yes, say the unicorns from Berlin. This course takes a look behind the scenes of the new work miracle and shows you the philosophy of Einhorn Products GmbH.
4.8,72 / 10Google Workspace: Sheets
Google, Google Applied Digital Skills
Google Sheets is Google's free online tool for creating spreadsheets intuitively and effectively. In this accessible course, learn how to use all key functions and how to collaborate on your spreadsheets with colleagues.
5.8,71 / 10The Psychology of Selling
Morten Wolff, Unfck Sales
Understanding the psychology behind your customers' buying decisions makes selling much easier. In this course, you'll learn techniques and strategies based in psychology to make better, quicker, and more efficient sales.
6.8,68 / 10AI and Recommender Systems
Gianluca Mauro, AI Academy
Tech giants like Spotify, Amazon and Netflix owe their success to recommendation services, among others. This course shows what this technology is all about, how AI is involved, and how your business can benefit from it.
7.8,65 / 10Successful Negotiation IV: Seven Techniques
Matthias Schranner, ZEIT Akademie
Negotiating like a pro is easier than you think. In this course, Matthias presents seven tactics to make your negotiation a complete success. From emphasizing common ground, to setting the agenda – here's what the pros have in their negotiation toolbox!
8.8,64 / 105 Tips for Dealing with Meeting Overload
The phenomenon of "calendar creep"–where meetings completely take over your work days– wastes time, energy, and productivity. Here are five easy-to-implement steps that can take your calendar from working against you to working for you!
9.8,63 / 10Successful Negotiation VI: Failing Skillfully
Matthias Schranner, ZEIT Akademie
When a negotiation reaches a standstill, sometimes escalation can't be avoided. Is this a failure of the negotiation, or can you use it productively? In the final course of our "Successful Negotiation" series, you'll learn how to reach an agreement despite escalation.
10.8,63 / 10Leading Employees VII: Motivators and Demotivators
Prof. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke, ZEIT Akademie
Is it your responsibility to motivate your employees? Demotivation often doesn't happen by chance - reward systems play a surprising role, as well as the example you set every day, so learn how to set a positive one to motivate your whole team!

Our Head of Content, Lena Kuschke, puts this development into perspective as follows:

"Leading yourself and others, negotiating, being appreciative - many of our top courses this year are in soft skills. This has not come as a surprise to us, as it has already become apparent across industries in recent years that these skills are more important than ever in an ever-changing world. These "core skills" not only enable us to adapt to new work models like Hybrid Work, but ultimately make us better autodidacts. In 2023, these skills will continue to be an important part of our portfolio." – Lena Kuschke, Head of Content

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