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2nd May 2022

The 10 most popular e-learning courses on marketing and sales

Masterplan TeamMasterplan Team
The 10 most popular e-learning courses on marketing and sales

The learning platform recently published a ranking of the best-rated e-learning courses. The ten most demanding positions are occupied by both supposedly specialized topics such as "Conversion Rate Optimization" (André Morys, Konversionskraft) as well as interdisciplinary courses such as "Appreciation, Sustainability, Success: The Secret of Einhorn (Case study)". Find out here what other exciting results the ranking has in store.

What courses were available for selection?

The data is based on the ratings of more than 200,000 users of the learning platform in over 250 German companies. In addition to the Otto Group and Ottobock, these include VW and DZ Bank.

Various courses were available for evaluation: from external providers such as the two sales professionals Dirk Kreuter (Reuter Training) and Morten Wolff (Unfck Sales) as well as SEO expert Dominik Schwarz (Evergreen Media), to name just a few.

The Masterplan editorial team's own productions were also taken into account for the ranking, including courses on marketing such as "Customer Centricity" as well as "Social Platforms".

Lectures on Marketing and Sales

In the marketing section, more than 270 lessons are available on topics such as Facebook marketing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), native advertising, and brand ambassador marketing. The sales topics include over 180 lessons, including telephone acquisition, field sales, and the so-called Delta method.

In the sales section, more than 180 lessons were also available for evaluation, including content on more specific topics such as telephone acquisition, field sales or the so-called Delta method. This is a method that helps you to convince the customer and to achieve the best result for both of you in just a few steps by turning every sales experience into a shopping experience.

Find out more about it here: Win Over Your Customer: The DELTA Method

See the full Top 10 Ranking here:

RankRatingTopic/SpeakerCourse description
1.8,57 / 10The Psychology of Selling
Morten Wolff, Unfck Sales
Understanding the psychology behind your customers' buying decisions makes selling much easier. In this course, you'll learn techniques and strategies based in psychology to make better, quicker, and more efficient sales.
2.8,43 / 10Up- und Cross-Selling
Dirk Kreuter, Reuter Training
More revenue can be generated with additional sales. In this course, Dirk Kreuter shows which types of sales there are and which strategies can be used. At the end of the course, everyone can create their own product list to systematize additional sales.
3.8,27 / 10SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Dominik Schwarz, Masterplan in-house production
Anyone who can't be found on search engines today has a hard time attracting attention. But how can you design websites so that they are discovered by as many users as possible? And can you do it on a small budget? Answers are provided in the course.
4.8,23 / 10CRM - Customer Relationship Management
Dr. Markus Wübben, CrossEngage GmbH
Today, there are many ways to reach users on the Internet. But how do you address customers in a consistent way and offer them a good experience? And why build a love affair with them?
5.8,17 / 10Understand, trust, sell: Selling with Insight
Matt Dixon, Big Think
This course demonstrates how knowledge of the potential customer, the market, and how other customers place their products and services helps during the sales process to steer a company toward a successful future.
6.8,12 / 10CRO: Conversion Rate Optimierung (Expert)
André Morys, konversionsKRAFT
Even optimization professionals run into the problem that their A/B tests are not significant enough. This course shows how to find the golden center and gives an overview of psychological methods to better understand and influence customer behavior.
7.8,10 / 10Product marketing: The science of success
Derek Thompson, Big Think
Glass and why is the iPhone the most profitable product of all time? This course answers questions and provides exciting information on sales strategy, online marketing and aha moments.
8.8,04 / 10Customer centricity in marketing
Masterplan Editorial
We are in the age of the customer and the majority of companies see themselves as "customer-centric" - but what does that really mean? This course gives an overview of the last 20 years and explains the paradigm shift.
9.8,03 / 10Social Media Marketing: Social Platforms
Felix Beilharz, Masterplan in-house production
Facebook and the like have long since ceased to be the exclusive preserve of digital natives - they already play an important role in every company. This course deals with the questions: How can social media be used specifically for marketing purposes? And how do you measure success?
10.7,99 / 10Appreciation and sustainability: Unicorn's secret (Case Study)
Philip Siefer, einhorn products GmbH
Improving the world with condoms - is that possible? If you are "unicorn unique" and produce "fairstainable", then yes, say the unicorns from Berlin. This course takes a look behind the scenes of the New Work miracle and shows the philosophy of einhorn products GmbH.

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