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Which e-learning training courses from providers such as Zeit Akademie, Pink University, Big Think as well as independent coaches were the most popular in German companies this year? The learning platform published the top 10 best-rated online courses today. The data is based on the ratings of more than 200,000 users in over 300 German companies – including Otto Group, Ottobock, VW and DZ Bank.

  • Specialized career topics (The Power of Introverts) and philosophical topics (The Paradox of Choice) performed surprisingly well
  • The ranking is based on ratings from almost 200 online training courses from education providers such as ZEIT Akademie, Big Think or Rapid Learning Institute, which were published on in 2021
  • Courses from independent coaches such as Morten Wolff or Dirk Kreuter, for which only limited production resources were available, also received top ratings


* Average rating of courses launched on between January 01, 2021 and December 10, 2021 that received at least 300 ratings. Only the top-rated course of a course series was listed in each case

"What certainly stands out is that even very specialized or even philosophical topics were rated very well. That is something we didn't expect," says founder Stefan Peukert. 

For example, our number one e-learning course "Forget the Packing Order at Work," Margaret Heffernan explains why companies should refrain from promoting so-called high potentials - a practice that remains very common in HR policy. In our second runner up "The Paradox of Choice," Barry Schwartz explains why the age of "free choices" often makes people more dissatisfied instead of happier, and how you can escape this paradox. 

Not only companies specializing on learning content, but also independent coaches with little production effort have achieved top ratings. This is shown by the rankings of two e-learning courses from the sales sector whose creators are considered experts in their discipline: "The Psychology of Selling" by Morten Wolff made it to sixth place, while "Your Path to Becoming a Sales Professional" (only available in German) by Dirk Reuter came tenth. 

"Overall, I'm pleased that our strategy of working with the best partners to offer an even greater variety of relevant content has been so well received by our users. We have already received great feedback for our in-house productions such as the Digitization Basics course with Frank Thelen and Rolf Schrömgens. But our courses from this year with the specialized partners score even better than anything we've had on the platform so far," Peukert concludes.

Infographic on 10 best rated e-learning courses by Masterplan 2021


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