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The learning platform and the professional training course provider ZEIT Akademie have announced their collaboration. Selected video courses from ZEIT Akademie such as 'Female Leadership', 'Sustainability in Business' or 'Negotiating with Success' are now also available on the learning platform.

In addition, corporate customers can use the Masterplan software to incorporate these courses into in-house, individual learning tracks, assign them to individual teams and measure learning success.

"ZEIT Akademie's courses and Masterplan's outstanding learning software complement each other beautifully. This cooperation shows how digital learning can be used successfully and in a forward-looking way", says Birthe Kretschmer, Managing Director ZEIT Akademie.

Just last September, Masterplan had announced a large investment sum that they had received. Just today, not even a year on, Masterplan have announced that they have received a second round of funding. With the additional venture capital, Masterplan will further expand the development and distribution of its proprietary software. Most recently, the company launched a no-coding tool (Masterplan Creator) that allows companies to build their own learning courses and released a new Android and iOS app.

The collaboration combines the strengths of a software provider with those of a leading producer of multimedia learning content: On the software side, Masterplan offers, among other things, an intuitive learning path editor. This allows HR managers, for example, to combine the 'sustainability' lessons from ZEIT Akademie with their own presentations, PDFs or videos (about internal company sustainability protocols) and finally create an individual quiz to test their employees knowledge.

On the learning content side, ZEIT Akademie draws on a large network of renowned experts from science and practice. The lecturers include, for example, the transformation researcher Prof. Dr. Maja Göpel, the climate researcher Prof. Dr. Stefan Rahmstorf and the marine biologist Prof. Dr. Antje Boetius. The content focuses on social and technological change, leadership development, new work, and personality and communication. Multimedia formats such as webinars and podcasts complement ZEIT Akademie's video content.

"When we launched in 2017, we produced our own 'Netflix'-ready courses on digitization - with startup luminaries like Frank Thelen and Rolf Schrömgens. Today, we collaborate with specialized learning content providers for each topic area. ZEIT Akademie is a very special partner for us in this context - with its high-quality courses, it occupies a leading position in our industry. At the same time, we continue to focus on the development of our software so that excellent learning content in the company can reach all colleagues and unfold its full potential," explains founder Stefan Peukert.

The following Masterplan Features Can now Be Applied to Selected ZEIT Akademie Courses:

  • Mandatory Courses:
  • ZEIT Akademie lessons can be marked and assigned as an obligatory course. Our learners cannot fast-forward or skip these videos and they receive reminders that they should complete the course by a certain deadline.
  • Customized Learning Paths:Companies can combine ZEIT Akademie lessons with their own in-depth videos, presentations, or PDFs into individual learning paths and assign them to individual employees or teams.
  • Quiz Function:Companies can build their own quizzes based on the lessons using the quiz function. Various quiz formats are available for this purpose.

ZEIT Akademie Provides Masterplan with the following Content:

»Sustainability in companies - successfully shaping change« How can we live today so that future generations can also live a good life? What habits can I change as an individual? And what must we do together as a society for sustainable development? In this sustainability course, you will not only get answers to these questions, but at the same time an interdisciplinary view on the topic of sustainability from leading German scientists.

»Female Leadership - Taking the lead together« Many women would like to take on a responsible leadership position - and then have to face old structures and prejudices in companies. The video course "Female Leadership - Planning your career, using networks" shows in a variety of ways how this view can finally change and how results can follow. Successful women such as Simone Menne, Fränzi Kühne, Tijen Onaran and Katja Kraus give personal tips on how women can succeed through empowerment.

»Confidence - the power of our inner attitude« Change requires having confidence in the unpredictable. Unfortunately, people pay more attention to dangers and threats than to positive developments. ZEIT science editor Ulrich Schnabel and philosopher Natalie Knapp explain how we can pull ourselves out of unconscious fear loops.

»Negotiating with Success - Goals, Strategies, Tactics.« In this course, police and FBI-trained negotiation expert Matthias Schranner will introduce you to the key principles of successful negotiation. Learn how to analyze a negotiating partner, how to understand their motives and how important it is to be clear when formulating your own goal and to plan for scope of action.

For further Information please Contact:

  • Press contact ZEIT Akademie:
    Judith BuschCorporate Communications Officer ZEIT Publishing Group
    Phone: 040 / 32 80 - 1323
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