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9th September 2022

New certificates – overview for managers, motivation for teams

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New certificates – overview for managers, motivation for teams

At what stage of their learning are your teams? Have they already completed the latest mandatory training on data protection? And how can employees stay motivated to continue learning? All three questions can be answered easily with the help of our new feature. Certificates that inform managers about learning progress and serve as motivating proof for users.

What’s the purpose of certificates for learners?

Managers can now easily assign certificates to learning paths of their choice. At the end of each successfully completed learning path, learners will see a pop-up window with a link to a new tab on their user-profile where all of their certificates are stored and downloadable. Missed the pop-up to the new tab? No problem – learners will also receive an email where they can download the certificate.

Masterplan is now available for ALL teams. Find out more in this blog article.

The benefits for managers

Masterplan-Certificates make a manager’s work even easier. Individually monitoring learning progress, creating certificates, and sending them out to each individual learner at the end of each training is difficult and time-consuming! With the ready-made and automated certificates from Masterplan, this is no longer necessary! Certificates are ready with just a click of a button! 

Managers can also keep an eye on:

  • Which certificates have expired

  • How many certificates have been issued for a learning path

  • The number of learning paths with and without certificates

Where are the certificates located?

We have created a new tag designated for the display, storage, and download of all collected certificates. User can also access their certificates by selecting the "Certificates" tab at the top of the navigation bar on the homepage after logging in. Good to know: Expired certificates are still displayed, but greyed out.

Our colleague Laura explains how managers can now integrate certificates into self-built learning paths in this Masterplan tutorial.

Do you want your teams to finally be provided with certificates? You can get an overview of our wide range of courses that they need to complete for this with a free web demo. Register here!

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